AmeriCorps 101 for Members

On3Learn’s AmeriCorps 101 for Members is an engaging introduction to AmeriCorps.  Our course will help members understand the larger national service world and its history, what makes AmeriCorps unique and provide helpful tools and information to support members in talking about and beginning their year of service.

Approximate Duration: 60 minutes

Member Courses



Course Objectives

After completion of this course, participants will:

  1. Communicate to key stakeholders AmeriCorps fundamentals;
  2. Understand the foundational elements of AmeriCorps; and
  3. Have increased knowledge and resources to get the most out of your service.


Resources You Can Use

Members will not only walk away from this course with a deeper knowledge and understanding of AmeriCorps and their term of service, but each participant will also receive resources such as:

  • Member Resource Links
  • CNCS Fact Sheets
  • Elevator Speech Template – How to talk about AmeriCorps
  • And more!

In addition, each participant also receives a certificate of completion once they’ve successfully finished the course.



Who Should Take this Course?

AmeriCorps members. This course can be utilized as part of program orientation and training for first time or previously serving members to ensure consistent understanding and knowledge of AmeriCorps across your member corps.

If you’re a program who has members spread across a region, state, or the country, this course can also be a great way to provide consistent orientation to AmeriCorps for all of your members without all of the travel!