AmeriCorps 101 for Staff

On3Learn’s AmeriCorps 101 for Staff helps individuals who run and manage AmeriCorps programs better understand the key elements that make AmeriCorps unique including key elements of program design, fundamentals, and an understanding of the larger context in which AmeriCorps exists. Through this course, AmeriCorps staff should have increased capacity to talk about AmeriCorps fundamentals to others, including other organization staff, site staff, members, and more.

Approximate Duration: 60 minutes

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Course Objectives

After completion of this course, participants will:

  1. Communicate to key stakeholders AmeriCorps fundamentals;
  2. Understand the foundational elements of AmeriCorps; and
  3. Have increased knowledge and resources to train members, sites and partners on applicable AmeriCorps information.

Resources You Can Use

Learners will not only walk away from this course with a deeper knowledge and understanding of AmeriCorps, but each participant will also receive multiple resources such as:

  • Elevator Speech Template
  • Benefits of an AmeriCorps Year
  • And much more!

In addition, each participant also receives a certificate of completion once they’ve successfully finished the course.


Who Should Take this Course?

Anyone who serves in a staff position of an AmeriCorps State, National, or Tribal program. This course, in conjunction with our other AmeriCorps Staff courses, can be a useful tool for on-boarding new staff and growing their learning of all that is AmeriCorps.