Understanding the AmeriCorps Budget - Part 1: Compliance & Technical Components

In Part 1 of the Understanding the AmeriCorps Budget for Staff Course, you will find a detailed description of the many compliance and technical components required to set up and manage your AmeriCorps funds.   

Approximate Duration: 60 minutes

Staff Courses



Course Objectives

After completion of this course, participants will:

  1. Understand the technical-compliance based components of the AmeriCorps budget;
  2. Work with key fiscal staff at their organization using fiscal terminology; and
  3. Enhance and improve upon current financial practices.



Resources You Can Use

Staff members will receive numerous sample documents as part of taking the course such as:

  • Budget Checklist
  • Match (cash and in-kind) Sample Form
  • Common Fiscal Issues



Who Should Take this Course?

AmeriCorps staff.  This course should be taken by any staff responsible for managing and/or creating the AmeriCorps budget.